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We know how the country works and we know how to get things done

The team helps to create new markets by capitalising our client’s strengths. Communicating between businesses means having intelligent control over, and managing how, businesses communicate throughout the business process.

The range of’s services provided is extremely broad:

Audit and analysis for business

  • Auditing and Due Diligence
  • Analysis

Integrated marketing communications

  • Responsive Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations (storytelling and storydoing)

Components of business intercommunications for integrated marketing communications

Creation of original texts:

  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Preparation of marketing communication and materials
  • Drafting of original texts
  • Preparation of press releases and articles
  • Preparation of business and sales letters

Processing and integration of the material:

  • Ensuring a reciprocal link
  • Translation and text editing
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Visual communication strategy design
  • Preparation of audio-visual materials

Integrated marketing communications:

  • Creation of new products and services and smart introduction of same in the marketplace
  • Synergistic “packaging” of brands, products and services
  • Sales’ leads, sales and sales’ promotions

Digital marketing:

  • Web and online Internet marketing or digital marketing
  • SEO-Original texts and keywords optimised for Internet searches
  • Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking tools
  • Expertise in the IT sector and setting up feedback tools

Add-on tools for management communication

Public relations (PR):

  • Communications management
  • Influence building
  • Public opinion shaping
  • Business image management
  • Claims and feedback management
  • Risk analysis and crisis management

Instruments of business development:

  • Improvement of quality standards
  • Solutions for optimising business processes
  • Financial flows’ management and control
  • Finding investment sponsors and investment opportunities
  • Human resources management
  • Team communications
  • Pro-active motivation
  • Legal solutions
  • International legal experience
  • Legal counsel network