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Communication methods

Here is a very simplified model of operation (without showing internal and external factors in the business environment with an impact on your business).

Client prerequisites Skill Set & Performance Investment Return

We develop your business strategy directly in line with your prerequisites and our skill set. Then, we design an investment strategy that to match needs or drive market interest in your business.

Strategy Focussed Communications Results

Your talent as a company creates your brand but further prerequisites and our skill set will help you to leverage the best strategy for your business. Here are the communication methods that can meet your business development needs in your target environment:

  • Cyclical communication focus:

Planning → Doing → Checking → Taking action . An algorithmic, step-by-step approach to efficient communications that may be integrated, interactive, active, reactive, proactive or passive or a combination of several of these methods.

  • Interactive communication:

Bi-directional, interactive communication between you and your target market.

  • Active communication:

Uni-directional communication to manage and react to consequences arising from a public relations or business event or situation.

  • Reactive communication:

One-way communication, reacting to consequences caused by an initiative agent “post factum”.

  • Proactive communication:

Predicting, responding to and/or preventing crises or disasters that have a significant impact on your company’s business, its image or strategy.

  • Passive communication:

Knowing when not to remain silent and “Not speaking unless spoken to”.