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Our team has a long record of professionalism rooted in cultural experience going back to five years prior to the collapse of the former Soviet Union. As of that time, our team members were among the first to really “do business” (part of perestroika included legalizing small privately run business cooperatives and ventures) in the CIS and Baltic Sea region. And since then, we have worked tirelessly at strengthening our business contacts in the region, with the rest of Europe and across the world. Our experience is rooted in dealing with the challenges presented by the various geopolitical and historic upheavals Latvia and the region have experienced in the last hundred years. Latvia was the first country in the region to set up an integrated marketing communications team in the transportation and export/import field in former Soviet satellite countries.

An intelligent team driving business communications for success in today’s media savvy, globalized economy

We design personalized solutions for each client by listening to their business narratives and providing expertise to help their businesses perform and be successful. We work intelligently by knowing how to read between the lines. Our work style is both transparent and logical and based on contemporary, ethical business practices.’s success is based on a team approach that leverages intelligently designed integrated marketing and business communications methods that it has polished over the years. Technology and media are the tools that drive smart business in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape.